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When Cash Is Queen #Mobile2Bank

12 Nov , 2015  

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The only reason why cash isn’t the King in a business is because the customer is. Cash flow is important to a business. Sometimes more important than the bottom line. When you need to get supplies, the supplier couldn’t care less about your profit if you cannot raise enough cash to pay them. (Well, if you have a relationship with the supplier you could get away with this).

It is of paramount importance that entrepreneurs focus on cash flow as much as they do the profits if they are to be successful. Monitoring receipts and payments while also ensuring they can access funds in case they are running short of them. All this probably means you have to visit the bank every now and then. That’s not the case anymore.


Just the other day, we launched Mobile2Bank, a mobile solution that will revolutionize your business. Here’s how;

  • You can access Mobile2Bank by,
    • Opening a Chase Bank Account
    • You will be issued with a paybill or Lipa na M-pesa
    • Download Mfukoni App or Dial *275#
    • Self-register
  • You can now make collections,

You can now collect money directly into your bank account in REAL TIME via your mobile money collection Pay bills or Tills, adding to the existing collection mediums currently in place.

  • You can make make payments,

Your business can make payments to another business directly from their bank account to:

    • Another business Lipa na Mpesa Pay bill or
    • Another business Lipa na Mpesa Buy Goods Till or
    • To a business account number at any other bank for at most half the current price it costs via RTGs today.
  • You can now access loans,

When your business pays and collects money through Mobile2Bank, you can apply for an instant unsecured Biashara Loan facility. The solution will provide statements for your all your transactions and recalculate your credit score so that you can access more funds. Terms and conditions will apply.

  • You can buy agent float,

As a business, you can now buy float directly from your bank account. No more “hakuna float” moments.

Sign up for Mobile to Bank via this link:

For enquiries, Call: 0730 175 000, 0709 800 000 | Whatsapp: 0773 758 196 | Tweet:@ChaseBankKenya | Email: | Skype: Chasebankkenya

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