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What’s #MINE?

17 May , 2016  

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#Mine means ownership, it means belonging, it means possession. And that’s what Chase Bank is to you, it’s yours. We are here because you stood by us when we needed you the most. You loved on us when we thought all love was lost, and most of all, you had faith in us raising up when we stumbled and fell despite the inconvenience this caused to each one of our clients country wide. We thank you for your constant positive words of affirmation, your belief in us, and most of all your ceaseless prayers. Mine, Chase Bank Kenya IR,

When giants fall, what marks the difference is not how hard you fall, but how quick you stand up and get going. And that’s the journey we have embarked on now. With the strong support of our receiver manager KCB (Kenya Commercial Bank), KDIC (Kenya Deposit Insurance Corporation) and CBK (Central Bank of Kenya), we’re working towards ensuring that all our services are up running and that we resume overall normal operations. 90% of our operations are now back and the remaining 10% is in the pipeline.

It’s a great pleasure to be back and to continue enabling you to achieve the things the matter most to you. And to ensure that you make the most out of the things that are yours.


  • Conducting your banking transactions at your convenience from anywhere, anytime and anyplace – Mfukoni and Online Banking.
  • Conducting your business transactions in an efficient and seamless way – receive payments, make payments and buy float – Mobile2Bank.
  • Making transactions over the counter and accessing other banking services such as RTGS, EFT, Cheque Deposit, and Forex – branches, express branches
  • Additional infrastructure to enable you to make transactions over the counter such deposits and withdrawals – Chase Bank agents.
  • Financing for trade through bid bonds, performance bonds and bank guarantees.

Own it, because it’s yours! #Mine


Mine, Chase Bank Kenya IR, Banking Services

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