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What Is Your Entrepreneurship Story? #YouthPreneur

12 Jan , 2016  

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Are you a young entrepreneur trying to succeed and looking for that extra nudge? We are here to walk that  journey with you to help your business move a step further through mentorship and eventually sponsor five young entrepreneurs to an entrepreneurship course that will be an eye opener to your business. 

In the next four weeks we will air video interviews of top young entrepreneurs on our Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages that will demystify entrepreneurship by sharing with you the experiences that these young entrepreneurs have had. We will discuss the challenges that exist in entrepreneurship, where to drive inspiration for your business from and offer business solutions to young entrepreneurs.



Having a business idea is one thing which probably all of us have in mind but how we execute the idea creates the difference between successful entrepreneurs, those that fail but try again and those that fail and give up. It is good to try things out when you are still young not only because there is time for recovering when things do not turn out as expected but also because you will get exposure & support that may not be available a few years down the line when the world will be looking up to you.

At Chase Bank, we strive to enable the youth to achieve what matters most to them and if running a successful business matters to you, it matters to us too.

How has your journey in entrepreneurship been, is it a story that someone else can draw inspiration from? Is it worth mentorship? Share your story with us for a chance to win a Centonomy entrepreneurship course courtesy of Chase Bank. If you have a business and having financial challenges; we are here for you. We will help you grow through our IFC program because if growth matters to you; it matters to us too. Submit your details in the below form we will call you.

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Share your story

Watch Gakii Biriri, An Honest Intention

Watch Ian Ndwiga, Avian Star Group, Royalty Group, 14k Group

Watch Nellie, a youth inspirer share her story with us

Watch Bob Okoth a social entrepreneur share his story with us

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4 Responses

  1. this is a good start.thnk u chase bank

  2. Dominic says:

    Am a entrepreneur, I ran a construction business I build roads for counties and the business is good and also very challenging at times, challenging in he sense that the source of financing but I thank chase bank because they have been able to finance my business whenever I need.

  3. Njoki morris murii says:

    I realy love the good work you do keep it up

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