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What Happens When You Turn 18?

29 Sep , 2015  

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In our society, 18 is that magical number that’s seen as the gateway to adulthood, especially by the teens. It’s at this point that we expect our parents to stop giving us directions under the false notion that ‘I’m now a grown up’. I mean, based on the number of things you’re denied to do until you get there. For instance, you can’t make certain decisions unless you’re accompanied by a guardian, you can’t get an I.D or Driver’s license, you are not allowed to manage your own bank account.

True, the age comes with greater freedom and as the wise men once said, “freedom comes with responsibilities.” Ideally, many would want to move out when they are 18. Go out there and explore the world with your mates. It would mark the beginning of endless weekend’s out having fun and just being young. Forgetting that this is a lifestyle you’re creating, and to sustain it, you need money.

18 is a critical age to be, and it’s important when you have someone to tell you that, because not many will tell you. That not only do you get access to the freedom that you’ve always yearned for, because you’re now deemed a grown up, it’s an opportunity to chart your path into the person you want to be.  Remember when you were once asked what you want to be when you grow up? And you said, a business man/woman, a doctor, a pilot, a teacher, a policeman, a chef, a nurse … name it? It’s at this point you work towards finding your identity and making your aspirations a reality. All grown-ups are always looking for a fresh start, and this one is the freshest one can get.

It’s an age where you experiment, you take risks, and when you feel like you’ve gotten to the edge and you look around and there’s nothing else to do, you take that leap and fly. It’s where you choose to associate yourself with people that will inspire you, encourage you to learn through mistakes & get over them, celebrate milestones & tiny victories, and give you chance to evolve into someone far greater than who you are now. Because truth be told, that’s the best way to experience the true taste of adulthood.

We understand that besides it being the age where you start experiencing what the world has to offer, you’re now finally allowed to officially run your own personal finances. You can now access money from your account 🙂 but most importantly, exercise the art of spending and saving (it’s always best when you save more than you spend) and amplify your wealth through smart investments.


At Chase Bank, we have a department dedicated to you who has just turned 18 (to 24), and we would like to walk with you through this adulthood journey. It’s not easy, but we assure you, we’ll have some good fun. And because we want you to learn about money, which is necessary for survival – we have an Evolve Account ready for you. Are you a parent with an 18 – 24 year old? This is for you too. Kindly, introduce us to your young one, and let us walk with them through this journey as their financial partner.

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