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We Have Resumed Our Credit Cards Services.

29 Aug , 2016  

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We hope you had a great weekend and you’re now geared up for the new week ahead? To give you even more reason to be excited this week, we would like to share with you the great news that we have resumed our credit card services.

Credit Cards

Only customers with full KYC details and have no past due payments will be switched on. Payments of the credit cards can be made at a branch, via Mfukoni Mobile or Mfukoni Online. To do it through the Mfukoni App, go to Paybill, select Credit Card and fill in the payment details.

Kindly note that we’re only live on VISA. Therefore, customers on Mastercard who would want to resume using our credit card services, are requested to visit any branch and fill an application form be issued with a VISA credit cards.

The terms of use for the credit cards remain the same. We haven’t changed any terms of use from what was there before receivership. They cards can be used locally and internationally. They can also be used at Point of Sale (POS) while shopping, for online transactions or for withdrawal at an ATM. Withdrawal at an ATM is capped at 50% of one’s limit.

We are currently not issuing any new Credit Cards customers, the service is only available for existing Credit Card customers. However, once we resume the issuance of new Credit Cards in due course, we shall communicate with you.


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