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The New Mfukoni App Now LIVE on the Android Play Store.

18 Dec , 2015  

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Since the launch of the award winning Mfukoni App in December 2013, Chase bank has received numerous enhancement and improvement proposals from customers as well as staff. Based on this, we developed a new version of Mfukoni that will provide better experience and simplicity. The new look Mfukoni is only available for Android. However, the upgrade for iOS, Windows Mobile and Blackberry will be coming soon.

Mfukoni App, Mfukoni,

Banking made simpler through Mfukoni. You can do your banking from anywhere and anytime right from your Android™ device. To get started, download the Mfukoni App and enroll by self registering. With the newly upgraded version of Mfukoni, you can now experience the following;

  • Easier layout and navigation
    • Simple navigation between accounts
    • Automatic display of last 5 transactions for the selected account
    • Shortcut menus for most commonly used services e.g. MPESA, Paybill, Buy Airtime
    • Easy navigation by scrolling right/left and up/down
  • Personalization
    • By adding your photo
    • By setting a theme (from three available themes)
    • Recommending the application to a friend
Mfukoni App, Mfukoni,

How your Mfukoni Interface looks when you login. You can now upload a profile picture.

Mfukoni App, Mfukoni,

Personalizing your Mfukoni theme.

  • Convenience by
    • Being able to pick contacts from your phonebook (for MPESA and airtime transactions)
    • By easily resetting and changing your PIN
    • By being able to request for products and services directly e.g. additional bank accounts
Mfukoni App, Mfukoni,

Self Pin Reset for Mfukoni – Step 1

Mfukoni App, Mfukoni,

Self Pin Reset for Mfukoni – Step 2

Mfukoni App, Mfukoni,

Changing your Mfukoni M-Pin.

Mfukoni App, Mfukoni

Picking contacts from your phone book during Mpesa and Airtime transactions.



Some features are available for eligible customers and accounts only. There is no charge for downloading Mfukoni, but data rates may apply. Delivery of account alerts may be delayed for various reasons, including service outages affecting your mobile device, wireless or internet provider; technology failures; and system capacity limitations.

Enjoy the navigating through the new Mfukoni App. Happy Holidays!

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  1. zebedi muga says:

    That is a good improvement but i loved the old one though. It is good to constantly improve. I am happy with the mpesa where you can deposit money directly to the other account. All the best bank ever.

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