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Second Entrepreneurs Forum At SME Biz Hub #ChaseBizHub

17 Sep , 2015  

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On Tuesday 15/09/2015 we had our second breakfast entrepreneurs’ forum at our SME Biz Hub in Kilimani branch (Adlife Plaza branch). This time we had our clients who are youth entrepreneurs discuss how their businesses grew, what inspired them, the challenges they have been facing & the future of their businesses.

The SME biz hub gives SMEs an opportunity for networking, financial advice & free access to internet. The forum is aimed at bringing together entrepreneurs to discuss existing & emerging issues in entrepreneurship that can boost SMEs to grow & achieve their objectives. Our moderator for the day was Lonina Leteipan – Manager, Youth Banking; David Kanyora – Senior Manager, SME banking; Muthoni Waikwa – Senior Manager, Youth Banking and Katherine Silva – Branch Manager, Kilimani Branch. The entrepreneurs were, Wanjiru Chabeda – Camouflage Media, Aaron D’Souza, Barbara Okeyo – Restoration experience, Dr. Mercy Nyachama & Timothy Mbugua – CEO Artlantis Design.

Most of the entrepreneurs we had yesterday left employment to venture in to business. Their biggest fear while starting up was fear of failure and discouragement from others who thought they would regret leaving employment. The biggest challenge they have faced is financial constraint; accounting and budgeting has been hard for most of these start-ups, in that initially they did not know how to price their services and some had to charge less in order to get clients which in the long run caused shortage in operating expenses.

Capital has also been a major challenge in most start-ups which limits the number of employees that a start-up should have and also compromises their quality. These challenges did not stop these young entrepreneurs from chasing their dreams, and they all have no regret for venturing in to business. Entrepreneurship is all about taking risks, most of the successful business men/women in the world had to take a bold step out of their comfort zones to be where they are today. It starts with a single step of identifying what you are passionate about, what you can do better than others & putting in place sustainable measure of to keep it going.

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We appreciate all those who took their time yesterday to be at the SME Biz Hub & also those who shared their entrepreneurial tips with us via our social media platforms. We look forward to interacting with you in the next Biz hub forum.

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