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Preparing For The #SaveAMum Walk.

24 Mar , 2015  

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It’s noble that you’re walking to #SaveAMum, but you need to be in your best shape in order to make the most out of the walk. To make the walk as painless as possible, follow these simple Before, During and After steps.


Start now. It’s never too late to start training. So, depending on your schedule:

Walk without pain: Purpose to walk 15 minutes in a day; let your body get accustomed to the distance, and then build up your time and distance from there.

Train with a friend: (or with some whose company you enjoy) friends serve as your accountability partners, and we all need that extra push.

Be Adventurous: Turn your walk into an adventure by trying out new locations. The trick in this is that new places make us walk longer distances. Try it, you’ll see!

Dress right: Comfort is key.

  • Look for a comfortable pair of walking shoes and quality socks.
  • The lovely cotton branded #SaveAMum T-shirt – which can be purchased here The T-shirt also serves as your entry to the #SaveAMum walk.
  • Let the weather be your guide to determine what bottoms wear. Should the day prove itself to be a cold one, opt for a comfortable pair of pants that can mold themselves into your body shape. Jeans are great, but they’re a poor choice for any form of exercise. This is because, the material is heavy and walking is already hard enough. But if you feel most comfortable in jeans, choose comfort.
  • Depending on how the weather plays out, you’ll always need a hat/cap to protect yourself from extreme heat or extreme cold.
  • Pack: Fanny packs/ Clutch Bags/ Tote & Drawstring bags, aren’t always a bad idea. The one place you can comfortably “rock’ your fanny pack without fear any of judgement . You won’t need to carry much, just the bare essentials. Here we’re talking: keys, identification, (you get the idea?)

Get The Details

  • The venue of the Walk? The walk will be taking place at Ngong Road Forest Sanctuary along Ngong Road, on 28th March 2015, from 8:00am.
  • The aim of the Walk? To raise funds to train mid-wives in order to reduce death of mothers during childbirth in rural areas in Kenya.
  • Will there be any warm up before the walk? Yes, there will be warm up before the walk to get you umped.
  • The distance you’ll be walking? We’re walking 5KM for children and 10KM for adults.
  • How long it will take you to cover that distance? The walk will take approximately 1 ½ hrs and Max 2 hrs.
  • What mode of transport should one use? We will have ample parking space, with adequate security for those who drive (or use personal means) to the venue. The venue is located in a convenient place for those who are using public means (Matatu’s can be taken at Railways, while Buses at Kencom – No.111, and alight at Telkom or Santak stage).
  • What happens after the Walk? There will be a lot of entertainment, food and beverage. If there’s one thing we can promise, it’s a good time as you support a worthy cause.


Eating and Drinking

Water: Fitness experts advise that prior to the walk, say two hours to, have a drink … of water (ha!) and nothing else, before you begin the walk. It builds up a much needed water reserve in your body (and also ample time to use the bathroom before the walk starts). Although most walk events have water supplies along the walk stretch, carry your own bottle. Drink up at least after every 20 minutes.

Snacks: A banana is the perfect walking buddy. Why? They’re rich in potassium, sugar and starch- all of which your body will need to replenish as you walk the distance. Also, salty snacks like crackers can help you replenish the salt you lose to sweat.

While walking, remember;

  • Pace Yourself: You have quite some distance ahead of you, depending on the length of the walk, so you’ll need all the energy you can get. So start slow. Slow and comfortable.
  • Be Courteous: Remember, it’s not a race, so be gracious to and mindful of the people you pass along. If you’re walking as a team, extend some courtesy to others. Don’t hog the road/path and block others from getting through you.
  • Don’t litter: The fact that you’re even here(or there) walking to Save A Mum is already proof of your decency as a human being, so don’t be-little the cause for which you’re walking for, by creating another problem, that of litter. If there are no waste receptacles in which to throw your trash, keep it until you come across one.
  • Pay Attention to Your Body: If you feel a blister coming along, stop, and bandage the area before it gets ugly.
  • Be Mindful of others: Don’t smoke while walking.
  • Carry sunscreen: Love your melanin, protect your skin from harmful UV Rays.


Pro Tip: Walking in itself is a good work out plan. However, after the walk, don’t over-reward yourself for walking the distance by over-eating as way to celebrate. Kidding! We’ll have an array of food and beverage aligned for you by Coconut Grill, Mr.Shawarma, Big Square and Pots Delight. So spoil yourself, mainly because you just walked to #SaveAMum. There will be tons of entertainment too.

Will you be joining us? It’s not too late if you haven’t registered and purchase a T-Shirt yet, you can do it here –

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