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New Partnership with Edulink International College.

21 Sep , 2016  

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Chase Bank (IR) has partnered with Edulink International College to serve as the institution’s financial partner by providing its students with an easy fee payment platform.

The two organisations today signed a Memorandum of Understanding sealing a partnership deal that will see Chase Bank act as the banking partner for Edulink. In addition Edulink will provide a 20% discount to all students who bank with Chase or whose guardians bank with Chase for the duration of the course.

“Chase Bank (IR) is keen to continue partnering with education institutions to give opportunities to the institution, the parents, guardians and students through tailor made banking services and convenient access to payment options” said Chase Bank (IR) Receiving Manager, Paul Russo.

The move is part of Chase Bank (IR) and Edulink International College strategy to increase access to quality education in Kenya. This will be facilitated by empowering students to achieve their scholastic goals by locally offering quality UK Degrees from The University of Northampton.

“We believe that empowering the youth through education is pertinent to the success of our country and the region as a whole. This partnership solidifies our belief and in the same accord opens doors for a brighter and inspiring future for all students in Kenya” said Chase Bank (IR) Receiving Manager, Paul Russo.

“We have united together to support the enrichment of our national curriculum through our partnership with Edulink. Education and development for youth go hand in hand and we are creating partnerships that allow for them to achieve what matters most to them,” he added.

Through this partnership, Chase Bank (IR) is supporting the government’s efforts to improve the quality of education in the country. Kenya has a young and growing population, which has the potential to transform the country’s economic fortunes.


To achieve this, the bank is seeking avenues to improve the quality and relevance of the skills young people possess when entering the labour market in order to make them self-sufficient. Chase Bank (IR) recognizes that the next few years will be crucial in determining how Kenya fares as its working-age population grows.

Edulink International College Nairobi (EIC) seeks to deliver world-class university education through its partnership with the University of Northampton, UK by giving Kenyan students the opportunity to study for a UK business degree at an affordable cost right here in Kenya.

“Our mission and efforts to deliver world class higher education in the region have today received a huge boost. Our partnership with Chase Bank (IR) has come at a time where quality education is sought for, at increasing demand levels. This partnership is sure to realise more opportunities in terms of affordability in fees payment, employability by closing the skills gap and also appreciating that good education can traverse boundaries and get to deserving students here at home,” said Edulink Campus Principal, Mr. Gitonga M’Mbijjewe.



The partnership is set to offer much more than quality education by guaranteeing Edulink beneficiaries greater ease of access to various products provided by Chase Bank (IR). Additionally, it wires the bank to the future for the long term enhancement of the educational sector.

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