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Meet the Chaser: Michelle Mwende #WCW

15 Feb , 2017  

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Today’s #WCW is Michelle Mwende from our City Center branch. She studied Bachelor of Commerce in Kenyatta University and Global Enterprise Postgraduate from Colorado State University. She has been in Chase for four years and seven months.

She is passionate about people and event planning. She says that she always finds herself trying to help people and organizing social gatherings at work.  She usually makes a big deal out of people’s achievements and tries to convert them into celebratory events. What matters most to her is having a purpose and fulfilling it. She believes this can only be achieved by doing the best and blooming in her work. Michelle says God is the author of life so she always strives to seek for direction from Him.

Her greatest achievement in life is knowing herself and being herself at all times. She says Chase bank going into receivership has led to self-actualization; it has made her to discover her limits, strengths and weaknesses better than before. This has taught her the art of hanging in there in the midst of a storm even though it has not been easy. Being under receivership has also helped her in her personal life too, she says she has slowly learnt how to stop living a fast paced life.

Michelle’s best Chase habit is the Let’s Get together habit because it helps her embrace opportunities for events planning and gathering people together. The one thing that irritates her most is dishonesty, she says she cannot stand lies.

When asked what she would change if she turned five years younger, she says she would save more, invest and spend more time with her family.




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