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Meet The Chaser: Washington Wachira #MCM

11 Apr , 2017  

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Meet the Chaser: Washington Wachira from our IT department. He studied Bachelor of Science in Applied Business Computing from University of Sunderland and has been in Chase Bank for three years. What matters to him most is his family because they always bring him back to the center whenever he deflects. He is careful about his attitude towards people and situations because he believes that his environment is a reflection of his attitude.

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His biggest inspiration is Earl Nightingale because he encourages positive attitude and the mind being a gold mine. His greatest achievement in life is acquiring his skill set which makes his a good IT professional while at Chase bank, he takes pride in his involvement and experience in system migration.

Being in receivership has taught him that good governance is very important and that without rules, there is chaos. His favorite Chase habit is Information at my fingertips habit because it enables him to have the knowledge required to offer end to end solutions to both internal and external clients.

If he was given a chance to relive the last five years of his life and do something differently, he says he would think differently and not follow the follower.

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