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Meet the Chaser: Sarah Jerotich #WCW

22 Feb , 2017  

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Meet the Chaser, who’s our #WCW today, Sarah Jerotich. She’s based in the Nakuru branch where she works as Portfolio Manager (SME). She has been at Chase Bank for 2 years and 4 months.

Sarah Jerotich, Chase Bank Kenya,

She pursued a Bachelor of Commerce. She loves what she does at Chase Bank and making her clients happy and seeing them grow from a humble beginning to big ventures gives her joy.

She believes in being focused and setting goals that are achievable, that she’s certain of and can pursue and exceed in without complaining. She’s inspired by her branch manager, his attitude and the way he carries himself both at work and off work with his community projects. He is positive, confident, understanding, a problem solver and a coach. He has contributed greatly to who she is today.

Her greatest achievement at Chase Bank is growing from a mere Retail Sales Officer (RSO) to being a portfolio manager. She has learnt to be confident, to speak out publicly and be positive in life. She says, “Being in receivership is not something good because you are limited only to what is stipulated. However, it has taught me to patient, humble and focused.”

Her favorite Chase habit is the smiling habit and going extra mile. She dislikes a promise being made and it not being fulfilled. If she was given a chance to relive the last five years of her life and do something differently, she will pretty much be the same person.

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