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Meet The Chaser: Robert Mwiathi #MCM

13 Mar , 2017  

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Meet the Chaser: Robert Mwiathi from our Agency banking department in our City Centre branch. He has been in Chase for two years and studied Education in Moi University. He is passionate about meeting new challenges which help him to be creative and innovative.


What matters most to him is God. He is inspired by his wife because she encourages him to keep going even when times are tough. He says his greatest achievement in life is having a happy Family.

To him, being in receivership means correcting the mess done, putting things in order and learning from mistakes. His favorite Chase Habit is the Info at the finger tips habit because one can only be able to serve customers well if he /she is well equips with information. The one thing that irritates him most is when people repeat the same mistakes.

If given a chance to relive the last five years, he says he would concentrate more on IT to help organizations achieve their objectives through minimal human intervention.

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