Meet The Chaser

Meet the Chaser – Rachael Kariuki

27 Nov , 2013  

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At Chase Bank we value our people and therefore it is really important to us that everyone gets to know each other. This Meet The Chaser Questionnaire has been designed with the intention of having enough information about you making it easier for you to get to know other Chasers. As well as, showcase the high level of talent within the Bank. Keeping the Chase.

Spirit Alive!

Rachael Kariuki is a banker who grew up in Nakuru and  is passionate about 90% of everyday activities. She  has a Bachelor of Commerce in insurance and risk management from Egerton university. In the Chase circles she is known for being promising, ambitious and determined. What she loves most about Chase – having been here for 3 years – is the constant communication habit.

People who speak in a constant stream leaving no room for response are top on her list of annoying things.  She treasures her family above all else which makes moving out of the family house be the most daring thing she has ever done. Working at Chase, for her has been the learning experience of a lifetime and she aspires to be a Senior Relationship Manager in five years.



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