Noel Ainga, Chase Bank Kenya, Treasury Department

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Meet the Chaser: Noel Ainga #MCM

20 Feb , 2017  

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Our #MCM today is Noel Ainga, who is in the Treasury Department. He has worked at Chase Bank for 3 years. He pursued a Bachelor of Commerce at Strathmore University.

Noel Ainga, Chase Bank Kenya, Treasury Department

He is passionate about empowering the society and truly believes that every day will be a great day. That’s what gives him the motivation to get up and do. He draws his inspiration from Ants, because they’re smart creatures and they know exactly when to sow and when to harvest. He admires how they work together in their colonies, manage their flow of information and work as a team to ensure that they achieve their goals.

His greatest achievement as a Chaser has been to be able to consistently assist the branches come to profitability. Being in receivership has taught him that peace and patience go hand in hand. And he has learnt to practice patience over time. His favorite Chase habit is the get together habit, having a moment to socialize with his colleagues outside of the work environment.

If he was given a chance to relive the last five year of his life and do something differently, he would appreciate the little steps in life some more.

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