Meet the Chaser, Namaemba Lyambila

Meet The Chaser

Meet the Chaser: Namaemba Lyambila, the Dancer.

27 Oct , 2015  

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Meet the Chaser, Namaemba Lyambila who’s in Diaspora Banking. She’s a financial advisor to customers who are based in the Diaspora and has been in the bank for four years. She pursued an undergraduate degree in English, linguistics and literature at Kenyatta University, and also holds a Masters degree in Diplomacy from the University of Nairobi.

She’s inspired by her cousin Linda, and when we ask why, she says, “you have to meet her to understand, but in a nutshell, she is one of a kind.” Her favorite Chase Habit is the “let’s get together” habit, while her pet-peeve is people who don’t respect personal space. She truly believes in fairness and simplicity.


Q1. What’s are you passionate about? How do you go about it?

I am passionate about our customers. Considering that majority of the customers I interact with are in the Diaspora and we have different time zones, I have had to adjust my working hours from 7:30am to 8:00pm in order to enable our Diaspora customers to achieve what matters to them. Most of them prefer to interact directly with a person rather than through emails or automated voice messages, therefore I provide them with that flexibility, while offering them the support they need.

I am also passionate about realizing happiness – one day at a time. Life is easy, we are the ones that complicate matters for no reason.

Q2. Tell us something fascinating about you?

I’m actually very good dancer. When I’m feeling low or down, music and dancing is what gets me going, it rejuvenates me.

Q3. What matters to you most?

Making the best in the present, because tomorrow is a mystery and only God knows what it holds.

Q4. What’s that one advice you were told (or that you read or heard) that encouraged you to #ChaseYourDreams?

“To always keep trying, even if you fail, at least you tried.”

To someone trying to chase their dream, I would say,

“It’s never easy at first but it gets better with time.”

Q5. How would you describe your life at Chase?

Oooh, interesting. I have made friends and enemies in equal measure, and both entities have helped shape and molded me into the person I am today. It’s fun working together with people who are my peers, because as we interact with each other on a one on one level we get to understand each other, learn from each other and build lasting relationships.

This section has been designed to give you information on Chasers and show you how much talent there is at the bank (modesty too). It’s not about the catch – it’s about the chase.


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