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Meet The Chaser: Mervin Mwita #MCM

28 Mar , 2017  

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Meet the Chaser: Mervin Mwita from our Kilimani branch in the SME department. He studied Bachelor of Commerce, Marketing Option and has been in Chase Bank for two years. He is passionate about technology and staying fit. What matters to him most is his father, mother and three siblings.

Mervin two

His greatest achievement at Chase Bank is his contribution at Kilimani branch that has resulted to impressive growth and more so enabling the branch to break even in exactly three months after opening.

Mervin says receivership has taught him that in life there are no grounds for complacency and that only the bold will succeed in life. His favorite Chase habit is the Extra Mile habit.

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  1. This guy is amazing. His services are commendable. I can’t agree more.

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