Meet The Chaser

Meet The Chaser: Mark Maiyo, the Dreamer.

14 Jul , 2015  

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Meet the Chaser, Mark Maiyo. He’s in the Credit Department and is based at the Nakuru Branch. He has been working with Chase Bank for 10 months –  4 months in Retail Banking and 6 months in the Credit Department. He is a statistician by profession, as he pursued a Bsc Economics and Statistics at Egerton University, where he graduated with a First Class honors.

He truly believes that every dream is achievable as long as three things are kept constant; patience, determination and prayer. We all have goals and targets to achieve in life; the nightmare is how to achieve them. He hails from the school of thought where he believes in dreaming and living his dreams. He says, “I will live today as it presents itself, how I will live tomorrow is at the discretion of my focus.”

Going the extra mile is without a doubt his best Chase Habit, while what irks him to the core is postponing clients’ instructions. His career and education are what matters most to him as he would want to live to accomplish his purpose in life. His inspiration runs deep courtesy of respectable individuals, notably being his uncle, Solomon Sang. His humble nature and generous heart are exceptional attributes.

Meet The Chaser

Tell us something fascinating about you?

I am always passionate about what I am doing, when given a chance to do something, I do it with passion, when I choose to love I love like never before. Most of my friends attest to this; when I want something, I go for it and will not relent until I get to it.

What’s are you passionate about?

It’s my passion to make a positive impact on people’s lives, I always find it good to be in a position to help someone. Putting a smile on someone’s face brings a lot of satisfaction to my heart.

What’s that one advice you were told (or that you read or heard) that encouraged you to #ChaseYourDreams? In return, what advice would you give someone trying to chase their dream?

When I was very young, my mum gave me some advice that really keeps me on toes to chase my dreams. This is what she told me,

“Wherever you come from does not determine where you are going, you are from a humble background but headed to a great destiny”.

This philosophy always sticks to my mind that I am from a humble background with a royal destiny. To those chasing their dreams, I would say,

“Never give in to failure. If you’re trying too hard change the tactics and work smart. Sometimes you just have to take a step back, relax and try to see the bigger picture. Stop worrying about how others are more successful than you and start thinking about how to make your dreams come true. Always remember, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

How would you describe your life at Chase?

My life at Chase has provided great deal of exiting experience and a positive shape on my career path. I am looking forward to scale even greater heights.

This section has been designed to give you information on other Chasers and show you how much talent there is at the bank (modesty too). It’s not about the catch – it’s about the chase.

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