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Meet The Chaser: Magdalene Kaguri #WCW

1 Mar , 2017  

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Meet The Chaser: Magdalene Kaguri, from our Lavington branch. She studied International Business Management and has been in Chase for six years. She is passionate about providing solutions. Whenever she is faced with a challenge, she tackles it to the end to ensure that a client gets satisfied with services or assistance offered, while portraying a professional image and with a lot of etiquette while handling the matter. She says personal branding also plays a big role in her own development and would like customers to associate her as a banker who gets things done.


She says purpose and focus give her direction. Her focus is to become a personal image consultant and be able to add value in banks to ensure that customer experience is achieved. Michelle Obama inspires her because of her character, personality and humility. To her; receivership has meant humility, perseverance and leading by example.

Magdalene’s favorite Chase habit is the Lets get together habit because she is a social person and enjoys networking. She is not easily irritated, however, she likes raising the bar in terms of delivering service as a bank. She feels that we need to stand out as Chasers since most (if not all) banks are focused to be like Chase, hence the need to give them a head start.

When asked what she would do differently if she turned five years younger, she says she would establish an Image and etiquette Firm. However, she is still optimistic that one day she will chase this dream.

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