Meet The Chaser

Meet The Chaser – John Milya

13 Nov , 2013  

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People are important. This is a fact, not an opinion – especially here at Chase Bank. This section has been designed to give you information on other Chasers and show you how much talent there is at the bank (modesty too ). It’s not about the catch – it’s about the chase.

Having worked at Chase Bank for 3 years John  Milya is an assertive and fun Chaser. He got his double major degree in Business Administration and Management & Marketing from Daystar university and hadn’t looked back since. However, don’t let the suit and the fancy title lie to you. John is an apt believer in the work hard, party harder mantra. In 2011, in fact, he pushed it to the limit by being a co-driver at the Rhino charge which his team, sadly, did not win.

John has described his life at Chase as fun and fast – a situation where he loves to be. His workmates have quickly realized that the easiest way to get John on their side is to give him a cold coke. Being a down to earth guy means that he’d help without the coke anyway – but he takes the  soda none the less.

In parting, this is all he has: “No snitching!”



4 Responses

  1. faith says:

    Cold coke????? i thought you were off these!!!! LOL!
    excellent story, we are proud to have John in our team.

    rock on bro!

  2. paul njuguna says:

    John is an invaluable team member in Institutional Banking. We all love his free spirit.

  3. Rachael Kariuki says:

    Maybe he forgot to mention he is on the ground.

  4. Derrick Lwatati says:

    This nigga is great and everything He does

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