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Meet the Chaser: Henry Mzera Muchori #MCM

6 Mar , 2017  

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Meet the Chaser, Henry Mzera Muchori, our #MCM who’s from our Mombasa (Moi Avenue) branch. He has been in Chase Bank for two years and eight months. He studied Economics and Finance from Kenyatta University.


He believes that every brand has stories to tell—stories that will not only engage, inform, surprise, delight, and impact their consumer, but that will also deliver on measurable business goals. He acknowledges that he is the conduit between brand and consumer therefore he has to do his best.

He enjoys helping clients find the subject and medium that best fits their unique identity, while offering high-quality service that meets their objectives.

Henry’s greatest inspiration is Barrack Obama because no matter his race, background, religion, culture, gender and/or any other society stereotype, he believed he could be the person that he aspired to be by working hard & believing in himself.

The bank going under receivership has taught Henry to be resilient. He says that he has learnt that in life, any situation is temporary, whether good or bad. His favorite Chase habit is the Follow up habit because one is able to help customers from end to end.

The one thing that irritates Henry the most is taking a client in needless rounds and yet a solution can be found in the first degree of client contact.

If he was given a chance to relive the last five years of his life and do something differently, he would read and write more.

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