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Meet The Chaser: Fridah Kaburu #WCW

30 Mar , 2017  

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Meet The Chaser: Fridah Kaburu, from our Operations department. She studied environmental science at Pwani University and has been in Chase Bank for two years. What matters most to her is her family because it has provided her with a good life full of happiness and success. She derives joy in creating a positive impact to everyone she meets or relates with.

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She is a strong believer in God and the Bible because they give her a sense of direction on how to live her life and how to relate with people. Her husband is her biggest inspiration. He is positive minded and always sees opportunity where one can’t see. He is hard working and always encourages her to strive for the best.

Her greatest achievement in life is having a family (husband & daughter) and having an opportunity to secure her first job immediately after campus. She says Chase Bank has given her an opportunity to grow her career. It has offered her a platform to earn a living and become financially independent.

Her favorite Chase Habit is the smiling habit because smiling passes warmth to others.
If given a chance to relive the last five years, she says she would also take up different short courses to counter time and enhance career growth.

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