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Meet The Chaser: Alphonse Omesa #MCM

3 Apr , 2017  

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Meet the Chaser: Alphonse Omesa from our IT department. He studied Bachelor of Business and Information Technology and has been in Chase Bank for three years. He is passionate about Computer Systems and Rugby. What matters most to him is God, his family and friends.His father and his uncle inspire him because of their principals of life and dedication to their families.


His greatest achievement in Chase Bank is being a member of the IT team and being able to take part in projects that lead to development of the bank technologically. To him, being in receivership has meant being placed under control and dominion of a different independent entity which initially made him feel like he would lose his jobs but with time he has learnt that for every situation there is an opportunity presented.

His secret for excelling in life is passion because without passion one loses focus easily. One gives up when it takes longer than expected or when it becomes much more difficult than expected. We need passion to keep on and make sense of why we do what we do.

The one thing that irritates him most is when one takes advantage of another person’s predicament.

If he was given a chance to relive the last five years of his life and do something differently, he says he would change nothing because who he was five years ago made him to be what he is today and thanks God for that.

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