Meet The Chaser, Abdillahi Idris

Meet The Chaser

Meet the Chaser: Abdillahi Idris, the Competitor.

30 Sep , 2015  

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Meet the Chaser, Abdillahi Idris, who is a Business Executor in Chase Iman. He’s an Accountant by profession, having studied Accounting & Finance in Zanzibar University and the Strathmore school of Accountancy.

Meet The Chaser, Abdillahi Idris

He grew up in Lang’ata and besides being an avid Real Madrid FC supporter, he also enjoys playing chess. He’s driven by competition or anything that embodies competition, because it plays a role in his decision making process. In that before he makes any move in life he takes the same precision he would when playing chess, knowing each move is critical.

His favorite Chase habit is the ‘let’s get together’ habit. His biggest vice is that he’s a workaholic, while what ticks him off is when someone rearranges his stuff because he’s a neat freak (what we also call OCD). His biggest virtue is that he’s humble and his mother is the one person he treasures the most. When asked what the three words that he thinks his friends describe him as, he said, “really cool guy.”

Hos most daring moment was when he rowed a wooden boat (dhow) in the rough high seas of Zanzibar, it was scary but exciting at the same time because it was an experience that made him go beyond his comfort zone. His life before Chase was just ordinary, but after joining Chase Bank about 3 years ago, he has met a lot of youthful, vibrant and energetic people. He says, “it’s also a place where you are presented with endless opportunities to innovate and grow.”

To those chasing their dreams he would say,

“In life, you need to be resilient in your undertakings in order to succeed.

This section has been designed to give you information on Chasers and show you how much talent there is at the bank (modesty too). It’s not about the catch – it’s about the chase.


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  1. Hussein kassim says:

    Abdullahi is really a cool guy its an honour working at the same premises i being at Genghis capital at pwc i learnt a lot from you brother

    Hussein kassim

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