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Interview: Women in Entrepreneurship on AM Live.

7 May , 2015  

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This morning, we were graced with the beauty and conversation of two ladies, Marianne Nyangi and Rita Oyier on AM Live, NTV. Hosted by Sheila Mwanyigha. They were talking about women in entrepreneurship and access to funds. To watch the video, click this link:-

Chase Bank Kenya, Chase Woman, Entreprenurs

From Left: Sheila Mwanyigha (Host, AM Live), Rita Oyier (MD,  Monar Strategic Ltd), Marianne Nyangi (Head of Chase Woman, Chase Bank)

Meet Marianne Nyangi.

Marianne Nyangi is the Head of Chase Woman at Chase Bank.

She was tasked with setting up the Chase Bank Women’s Program in 2013, and is responsible for the execution of the Women Banking Strategy and growth of Chase Woman in the Kenya market. With more than 15 years of experience in the banking industry, Marianne had a successful career in Institutional Banking prior to pioneering Women Banking. She previously worked for Barclays Bank of Kenya and Fina Bank Ltd.

Meet Rita Oyier.

Rita Oyier is the Managing Director of Monar Strategic Ltd and a Client of Chase Woman, Chase Bank.

It is a digital marketing agency that develops boutique solutions to deliver accuracy, efficiency and effectiveness in brand and  consumer activations whether offline or online. Monar Strategic has successfully developed digital platforms and apps for both mobile and PC for OLX and Mara Mentor. It built a project app for OLX which is now used in about 22 countries that collects, verifies and analyses results. For Mara mentor it developed a delivery tracking platform for online brand ambassadors.

The aim of the interview was to have a conversation around women in entrepreneurship.

From the Bank’s perspective (which Marianne represented), what does the bank do for women in entrepreneurship, who are the different sets of women we cater to, what are the unique things that Chase Bank offers the woman in entrepreneurship? Also, since SMEs are crucial to the growth of the Kenyan economy, how do we as a bank create financial inclusion to bridge the existing gaps? What of Chama’s, what is Chase Bank and specifically Chase Woman, doing for Chama’s since that’s a big deal for women? 

From the Woman Entrepreneur’s perspective (which Rita represented), she narrates to us her entrepreneurial journey, her relationship with her financial partner, and why  she chose them in the first place. And as with every entrepreneurs journey, there exists challenges, whether finances or staffing, how does she handle them? And last but not least, since she’s been there, and she’s still doing it, what advise she give someone who’s just getting right into it.

Enjoy catching up.

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