Timnat, Malindi Branch

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Heroes on Headsets: Timnnat Zubedi #CSWeek2015

8 Oct , 2015  

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When you make that call, send that tweet or visit that branch, there is always someone on the receiving end. That person is there to offer you a product or service, respond to your inquiries or help your solve a problem. As they do what they do best, their objective is to ensure that at the end of the day, you’re wowed and delighted. We approached some of the “heroes on headsets” at Chase Bank so that they can tell us a little something about what they do every day #CSWeek2015.

Timnat, Malindi Branch

From Left: Timnnat Zubedi (Senior Customer Care), Anthony Muchoki (Regional Manager, Coast), Iman Hussein (AGM, SME and Islamic Banking)


Q1. What’s your name? 

Timnaat Zubedi

Q2. What’s your role in Customer Experience? 

Senior Customer Care, Malindi Branch.

Q3. What do you love about being a part of the Customer Experience team?

I love it when both internal and external clients come to me seeking help and the look of satisfaction on their faces once they have been sorted. It is like in my own small way, I have managed to help them achieve what matters to them most at that moment in time.

Q4. What ​has being part of the ​Customer Experience team taught you so far?​​ 

PATIENCE. Being in customer service sometimes has its ups and downs especially when dealing with external clients. Sometimes, you may not see eye to eye. In such cases, I just have to step back and try to understand what the client needs are at that time.

Q5. What’s your favorite superhero character, why? 

Wonder Woman from Justice League. She is both a powerful and graceful representation of a woman.

​Q6. Send a shout out to of your favorite customers? 

This shout out goes to Alessio Bozzolasco!! For being the most nicest and easy going client ever that always keeps us on our toes with his account balances.

Q7. From a personal level, what more do you think can be done to improve the experience a customer has with a brand so that they can be left wow’ed and delighted?

 This can truly be achieved if all the links supporting the end product/service is solid strong in supporting each other. Then and only then can we really wow a client.

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