IWD2017, Women's Day, #KamaSiWewe

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Happy International Women’s Day #IWD2017

8 Mar , 2017  

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As we celebrate the International Women’s Day today, our focus is on those women (our house managers) who we leave in our homes to take care of our houses, kids and sick relatives as we go to chase our dreams. It is through our house managers that we are able to walk boldly as we change the world because we know we have it sorted at home.

IWD2017, Women's Day, #KamaSiWewe


Take a moment to think of what you would do if you had to handle your house work all by yourself and still manage to be on top of your game at work. Think of when you have had a bad day at work but when you get home, you find a clean house, good food, your kids have done their homework etc. With this in mind; we have been running a campaign dubbed #KamaSiWewe on our social media pages whereby we have been asking you to share with us stories of your house managers.

Kama si wewe

Spread the love by leaving a comment, visiting our Facebook and Twitter pages to share your house managers’ story using #KamaSiWewe. Happy International Women’s Day! To all house managers out there, we celebrate you for holding it down for us at home. To other women who are mothers, sisters, wives and friends, we celebrate you too as you take on the world and become bold for change.

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