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#ChaseAt20 Guest Post 4: My 20 is made up of Courage

1 Mar , 2016  

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Shobhana Trivedy keeps learning every day, even when she fell, she got up and walked again.

Life has been a long journey and looking back, 20 years almost feels like 20 seconds ago. It’s amazing how time flies. Over the years, I have learnt a couple of things, and top on my list is to;

  • Draw courage from my inner self,
  • Stay focused in my endeavors,
  • Keep a smile on my face despite the circumstance,
  • Go the extra mile to help others.

Being a mother of three has brought me immeasurable joy and has challenged me to the core. It kept me grounded and taught me the game of survival. We have been through it all together, the good and the rough. I vividly recall taking my children to their school on foot, up the hill and again down the hill from school. I had no car and there were no matatu’s plying on that route. And instead of feeling like it was a burden, I took it as my daily exercise and I enjoyed spending that time with my children and instilling life’s positive values in them.

In that instance, I realized that it’s me they look up to and so I had to set a good example for them. When I walked they walked, when I stopped they stopped, when I cried they cried and when I laughed they laughed. And now when I look at them and they’re all grown-up and successful in their careers, I feel extremely grateful and honored to be a part of their journey and they a part of mine.

ChaseAt20, Chase bank Kenya

If you were to look into your life 20 years ago or 20 years from now, what principle would your 20 year be made up of? #ChaseAt20. Share with us in the form below and your story could be featured in the next guest post. Throughout this year we aim to share inspiring stories from our staff, clients, suppliers or friends of Chase Bank.

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