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Entrepreneurship Forum on AgriTech at iHub.

24 Mar , 2015  

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In line with the Bank’s Partnership with iHub, we will be participating in monthly Entrepreneurship forums in conjunction with the facilitator Prof. Bitange Ndemo. It involves hosting a series of entrepreneurship talks, pulling in experts from different sectors to highlight the opportunities in their industries.

Chase Bank Kenya, iHub, Partnership

From Left: Entrepreneurship Forum facilitator, Prof. Bitange Ndemo; Israel Deputy Ambassador to Kenya, Nadav Peldman.

This month the focus was on technology in agriculture. AgriTech is an area which is ripe for exploitation. Empowering farmers with applications to optimize their produce is a good first step.

On Saturday, 21st March,2015, Israel Deputy Ambassador to Kenya Nadav Peldman introduced the Kenya Agritech challenge, which is looking for the next disruption in AgriTech. Hosted by the Embassy of Israel, the challenge will provide Kenyan entrepreneurs currently working on innovative ventures supporting smallholder value chains with the opportunity to connect and collaborate with their peers in Israel, one of the leading countries in the world in agritech innovation.

Chase Bank Kenya, iHub, Partnership

Israel Deputy Ambassador to Kenya, Nadav Peldman.

Up to ten finalists will be invited to participate in an intensive workshop on agriculture innovation in September in Nairobi with leading AgriTech startups and experts from Israel. The winner of the Kenya AgriTech Challenge will receive a full paid trip to Israel to experience up-close the exciting Israeli start-up ecosystem.

Chase Bank Kenya, iHub, Partnership

Samuel Ndonga – Head of Agribusiness, Chase Bank.

Faith Mbugua from Amiran Kenya spoke about their work with smallholder farmers and some of the exciting opportunities they foresee using Innovative technologies in this sector. While our very own Samuel Ndonga – Head of Agribusiness, highlighted what we have done so far, the opportunities we see, the potential for growth and our efforts in investing in the agricultural sector.​

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