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Did You Know You Can Now Access Loans From Chase Bank (IR)?

2 Sep , 2016  

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Below is a short infographic to illustrate to you how we have been fairing since we reopened on 27th April 2016 to-date, after being placed under receivership. It has been a significant journey that has been marked with an outpouring sense of love and support from you; our staff, our friends, our customers and our suppliers. When we reopened, we were able to resume the majority of our banking services, these included; Digital & ATM services, Clearing Services, RTGS, Telegraphic Transfer Services, Trade Services, MTS Services and VISA Services.

Since then we have been able to get inflows in excess of KES 18.66B, which have enabled us onward lend (provide loans) at a rate of 14.5% for both new and existing customers and provide fixed and call deposits at favorable rates with the approval of Central Bank Kenya. The positive progress and support through transactions by our customers is what will enable us to fully unlock all funds under moratorium upon lifting the receivership status. We know that you have been regrettably inconvenienced and we’re working diligently to ensure that you can access the money that has been held in moratorium in full. In the meantime, we encourage you to keep transacting with us, as we enable you to achieve what matters most to you.

If you would like to discuss fixed or call deposit rates or you’re an SME in need of a facility, get in touch with your relationship manager. If you don’t have a relationship manager, drop us an email and we will have one assigned to you.

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  1. Allan says:

    Every business has a story even though some never leave to tell their own STORY. As a customer and an aspiring entrepreneur the comeback story motivates not only me but millions of SMEs out here. It takes leadership, a believing team (CHASERS/your personnel) and WE your patient CLIENTS to build this great Bank. Anyway it was not easy depositing my cheque as soon as it was authorized but all the same I did and today I’m happy in one way or the other I’m part of the success story.. smiles.. Just don’t disappoint us now…the trust is built

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