Customer Service Week, CSWeek2015

Customer Experience, Customer Service Week 2015

Day 2: Go the Extra Mile #CSWeek2015

6 Oct , 2015  

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It’s exciting when we take a moment to celebrate the people who take the bullet for us every other day, our unsung heroes.  The people who are on the front-line of our businesses, which is almost like a battle field. They’re always ready for what comes their way, because you never know, it could be an irate customer, a disgruntled customer, or an unsatisfied customer. On good days, it could be an entertaining customer, a happy customer or a satisfied customer.

Being in the service industry means that people expect you to deliver exceptionally on the products and services that you’ve promised. But besides just delivering the product or service, there are those unsaid things that as a customer you expect to encounter during your interactions with the people on the other side of the desk. During this #CSWeek2015, we will go through the things that people in Customer Service do with the aim of Delighting & Wowing their customers, but might just go unnoticed.

Customer Service Week, #CSWeek2015


  • They will go beyond their call of duty to ensure that your issue has been sorted out. Even when the issue is sometimes out of their control.

For instance, as a client, you go to a fuel station and right after you have fueled your car and are in the process of swiping your card, you find out that the card service is down because the connection keeps failing. You don’t have enough money in your wallet or mobile wallet to clear your bill, but you have money in your account, which you can’t access at that desperate moment. You search for your bank’s contacts and call them to find out why you can’t transact, and the representative on the other end of the line, tells you that the entire card system is down. You explain to them your predicament, they listen and try to see what they can do about it. In the mean time, the you remains hostage at the fuel station.

What would you do at that moment? Would you leave the client stranded because the situation is out of your control, or would you empathize with them and work together towards a working solution.

This happened to one of our clients, and when they called in, one of our ‘Heroes on Headsets’ needed to make that quick decision on what to do to assist him. After evaluating the situation, and doing a background check on the client just to ensure that it was a real situation and not a con situation, he found out that this was one of our loyal clients. Based on a trust agreement, he sent him the balance he needed to clear his bill because he happened to have some money in his mobile wallet. While this saved the customer from an embarrassing situation at the fuel station, it also made him feel that we had his back.

This might not happen everyday or to everyone, but someone went the extra mile and beyond their call of duty to ensure that the client was wowed and delighted by their service. And that’s why today we celebrate all the people in Customer Service who on a daily basis,  have to go beyond their call of duty for the person on the other end of the line.

Activity: #ChaseALittleActOfKindness, as you go about your day today, try your best to go the extra mile. You could do it by ensuring that you deliver excellent services to those you interact with – go beyond your call of duty, be adaptable and flexible, seek to make improvements around you, basically, make things happen.

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