CSWeek2016, Chase Bank Kenya (IR)

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#CSWeek2016 at Chase Bank (IR): Wednesday, the Cabin Crew.

5 Oct , 2016  

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We are excited to be celebrating Customer Service Week from 3rd – 7th October 2016. It is a global initiative where we recognize and reward our Service Champion in Customer Service who deliver superior customer service all day, every day.

Over the years, we have built strong and long-standing relationships with our customers and this week, we’re taking this time to listen to our customers some more and solidify these relationships. We have a daily dress code that will represent the ways in which we interact with our customers; listening to them, sharing with them, having a laugh with them, but most of all, putting together all our efforts into enabling them to achieve what matters to them.

On Wednesday we dressed up as the Cabin Crew, depicting how we value our customers, because when our customers are satisfied and happy with our services, so are we. We took the time to serve our customers and make their short visit to our branches and/or offices s delightful and memorable as possible.

Spending some more time with our customers and getting to know how they’re doing beyond their transaction, because we’re more than just banking. Our relationship with you matters to us.

CSWeek2016, Chase Bank Kenya (IR)

CSWeek2016, Chase Bank Kenya (IR)

We value your feedback and because we are continually striving to improve the quality of our services, kindly take a minute to fill in the survey and share with us: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/JF6K9WT

For more information, Call: 0730 175 000, 0709 800 000 | Whatsapp: 0773 758 196 | Tweet: @ChaseBankKenya | Email: atyourservice@chasebank.co.ke

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