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Coming for the 2015 Accelerator Boot Camp for Entrepreneurs?

9 Dec , 2015  

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When you think of starting your own business, you experience some cold feet. Mostly as result of fear; fear of getting into the unknown, fear of failure, fear of not knowing what to do, fear of just being on your own and relying on yourself, fear of taking up responsibilities. But it’s through the same fear that you get the courage to shake it off, challenge the feeling and get the drive to go for it. To dream big, start small, but most of all, just start!

When you read stories of successful entrepreneurs, it’s never a smooth journey. It’s usually a bumpy ride, filled with blood, sweat, tears and a lot of learning and then some unlearning to establish themselves. And for some it takes years, coupled with a lot of sacrifice, patience and resilience to see your dream become a reality. It’s motivating when you are presented with an opportunity as an entrepreneur (whether practicing or aspiring) to interact with others who are in the same boat with you, or those who have been there and are now in a position to share with your their experience so that you can learn from them, and even do business.

SME Boot Camp, Entrepreneurs

When you go for this year’s Accelerator Boot Camp, you will have a chance of meeting these passionate business leaders, entrepreneurs, influencers and thought leaders and join forces with them to tackle challenges, exchange ideas and discover new ways to get organized, save time and grow—personally and professionally. The programme is packed with inspiring keynote presentations, informative workshops, personal consultations with industry experts and networking events to ensure that you walk away inspired and equipped with actionable strategies to drive your business forward.

If you are an entrepreneur or aspire to be one, the boot camp is the most ideal forum for you. Come and join a community of passionate people who want to create wealth, job opportunities and have fun while doing it. The boot camp will be held at Lake Naivasha Country Club, from 18th December 2015 to 21st December 2015. For more information, visit –

Registration closes on Friday, 11th December 2015. Register Here!

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