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27 Feb , 2017  

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Do you follow us on LinkedIn? Here’s why you should. After many months of not having #ChaseDebate, we have brought it back. However, this time round we do it a little differently. We will be hosting the debates on LinkedIn on the last week day of the month.

Our first conversation tomorrow will be focusing on the young professionals, who are in this deep and wide pool of people seeking employment; seeking to stay relevant in their work spaces; or seeking to provide greater value for their clients. We would like to find out what they are doing today that’s helping them stand out from the crowd in this competitive environment.

The mechanics around this debate is that it will run like a chat. We will post the first post on our LinkedIn page and pose the question. Then the discussion will take place in the comment section of the status update. There you can share your stories, queries, challenges, pointers, agreements, disagreements, tips, solutions and so on. We will also have some experts in the HR/Recruitment field join us in the discussion.

Chase Debate,

If you would like to contribute during #ChaseDebate or follow the discussions, simply follow our LinkedIn page and join us tomorrow (Tuesday, 28th February 2017) between 11:00am and 1:00pm. We look forward to hosting you and interacting with you.


Thank you for your support and for joining the debate. For those that missed out, click here to view the #ChaseDebate discussion on LinkedIn.

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