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#ChaseAt20 Guest Post 5: My 20 is made up of Choices

2 Mar , 2016  

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Frank Okinda, life is a summation of all the choices you make. Choose wisely. #ChaseAt20

Tell Us About Your Journey? #ChaseAt20

I bought my first piece of land when I was 25 years old from a business I used to run during my undergraduate studies at Makerere University. I learnt to see opportunity in everything and take the risk; and even if the venture failed, I would still get the much needed experience and lessons. I am turning 30 this year, and I have bought over 20 plots, made savings at the Sacco of over KES 600,000 and run several side hustles.

“I would tell my 20 year old self to always be prepared, if opportunity finds you not prepared it will pass, period!”
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How Have You Been Able To Save?

It does not matter how much money you’re making, even if it feels little, eventually the little coins add up. So do not be discouraged by humble beginnings. We are always accumulating something in life, the question is, what are you accumulating? Facebook friends, Snapchat posts, debt or assets? The choice is yours. The best asset one can have is company, who do you hang around with? They will either make or break you. We tend to learn so much from the company we keep. Having a person you look up to and strive to be like is a great way to challenge oneself to be the best they can be.

How Have You Been Able To Achieve What Matters Most To You?

Nothing good comes easy, prepare to work! It’s through the sweat, blood and tears that you can achieve your dreams. Visualize the things you aspire; whether it’s the house, car, even your wife. If I told you you’d own all that, what would you be willing to do to make it happen? I bet anything. Always set goals (have a plan).

Not having goals is like a ship setting off the port without any clear destination in mind, you are at the mercy of the ocean currents. If you have a clear destination in mind, it is easy to assess yourself mid trip and see how far you have reached and what you can do to reach your destination faster. Click To Tweet

At Chase Bank, we strive to help people achieve what matters to them most. This Guest Blog post talks about the importance of vision, which can be applied to entrepreneurs, a youth starting off in their career or anyone striving to chase their dreams.

What Does Vision Mean To You? #ChaseStories #ChaseAt20


Time is the most valuable asset you have. Learn not to waste time, we have limited time. Your success depends on how efficiently you use your time. Lastly, you only live once, enjoy every moment like it’s your last. Lest you regret in the future.

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If you were to look into your life 20 years ago or 20 years from now, what principle would your 20 year be made up of? #ChaseAt20 (follow the hashtag here). Share with us in the form below and your story could be featured in the next guest post. Throughout this year we aim to share inspiring stories from our staff, clients, suppliers or friends of Chase Bank. #ChaseStories

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