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Chase Woman Offers Affordable Lending Rates for Women Entrepreneurs.

5 May , 2015  

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Financial constraints are known to be an age old challenge for entrepreneurs and are deemed to represent one of the highest barriers for businesses looking to start up and grow. It becomes an even bigger issue for women entrepreneurs because according to a report by IFC, the average growth rate of women’s enterprises is significantly lower than the average growth rate for SMEs run by men. A number of factors have been investigated as contributing to the slow growth of women-owned businesses, such as;

  • Lack financial capability and confidence to manage their finances thus impeding them from being in a position to take advantage of opportunities.
  • Lack time due to their important role in the household and mobility in order to interact with financial service providers.
  • Being in a weaker position to take on funding for their Micro enterprises and SMEs as traditions and cultural rules combined with a lack of property rights can discriminate against them in terms of access to property.
  • Lack of sufficient assets that can be accepted as collateral. 

In 2014, Chase Woman sought a lending partnership with IFC (International Finance Corporation) through which a loan of $25M was approved for Chase bank. And the first tranche of $15M was disbursed. The purpose of the loan is to empower women by lending affordable loans, while also growing the portfolio of SMEs in the bank.

It will enable more investment groups to be formally registered as limited liability companies, and propel their investments. The loan is available to any woman entrepreneur banking with Chase Bank. The loan amount that can be borrowed ranges from $10,000 which is KES 900,000 minimum to $1,000,000 which is KES 90,000,000 maximum.

The eligibility for the loan is on condition that:

  • The business has over 51% female ownership.
  • The business has over 20% female ownership and either;
    • One female occupies a senior executive role e.g. CEO/COO/Vice President and other similar roles or
    • There is greater than 30% female membership on the board of directors.
  • A limited company investment group with 100% female membership.
Chase Bank Kenya, Chase Woman, Entreprenurs

Lending Products available through Chase Woman.

Are you a woman entrepreneur interested in getting access to these funds? Share with us your details below and a Chase Woman representative will get in touch with you to guide you through the application process.

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