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Introducing Chase Stories

2 Oct , 2013  

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In traditional folklore there would be a fire, and round that fire people would gather to hear tales of culture and past lives. Within these stories, people found themselves, people found purpose. Stories have been told since time in memorial. Chase Bank values  the stories told by those that built the industry and more so the stories told by their clients. The Relationship Bank is all about the stories that  are told everyday and the value they add to the services Chase Bank provides.

Chase Stories is dedicated to telling you stories of money and financial management. Telling your story, our story to others, and the world. Investing is difficult and keeping the money you make is hard; Chase Stories will tell you of people who have managed, in this day and age, not only to survive; but to thrive.

Chase Bank wanted these stories on an open platform and that’s when they partnered with Sprout Kenya. As the Relationship Bank, they understand that they must provide value at every point. In order to sustain relationships with their clients, they went the extra mile and pushed the envelope giving clients an opportunity to  interact online at their convenience, anytime and all the time. That’s when the blog was born.

Once that was done Chase Bank approached Trevor Kimenye of Sprout to help implement the idea. “Naturally I was excited at the opportunity to do something different. Chase Bank is in many ways a pioneer with initiatives such as Kilele Planet and #ChaseDebate, and we are proud to help them create a platform for real discussion on financial matters affecting the youth, SMEs and the diaspora.” So basically, he was excited.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Welcome to Chase Stories; what’s yours? 


8 Responses

  1. Derrick Lwatati says:

    It’s called redo fining financial information and communication. Great stuff

  2. Kelvin Paul omondi says:

    I sincerely want to build my career with you people…I’d be excited to
    work around big minds of chase personnel

  3. ELLY PAADE says:

    wish to realize my potential with the great minds. Just like you people are.

  4. Varun Arora says:

    Great blog such a valuable article for everyone.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    I wanted to learn more about the products. I am an upcoming social enterpreneur looking for a women sensitive bank and one that can also offer financial advise.

    • Chase Bank says:

      Hi Elizabeth, we will be glad to be your financial partner. We have women friendly accounts for both businesses & individual accounts. We will email you the details of our accounts shortly, we look forward to helping you achieve what matters most to you. ^CW

  6. I would love to be a part of this great team turning lives around… I want to be part of this great success story, great minds, great stuff…simply awesome! I want to be a chaser!

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