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#ChaseStories: Sterner Logistics Limited.

9 Jun , 2015  

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Welcome to the Chase Stories series. Where we tell the stories of our business (SME) clients, and how our relationship was formed. Because if business matters to you, it matters to us.

Meet Simon Mithamo, the Managing Director of Sterner Logistics, ChasePreneur. The journey to opening a business account with Chase Bank 7 years ago started with him simply wanting to process a bankers’ cheque, and we met him at his point of need. And from then on, a relationship was formed.

What kind of business do are you involved in? 

Clearing and Forwarding.

What ignited the spark in you to start your business and make significant changes in your industry? 

After having been employed, I realized that since I had been doing clearing and forwarding for years and it’s something I enjoyed, why not do it for myself? And that’s how Sterner Logistics was born.

Did you have enough finances to start the business? How did you manage to get the confidence to start out without enough finances?

No, I didn’t enough money as with most start ups. However, since it’s something I was passionate about and I had been doing it for many years while in employment, I decided to take the plunge and start from square one.

What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced as an entrepreneur?

When starting, you don’t have customers and in turn, you don’t have money. And you still have certain responsibilities that have to be undertaken, like the kids still have to go to school, so you really have to make things work.

What are some of the lessons you picked up?

These challenges taught me to be patient. And especially that if you work hard towards your goals, you’ll at some point get there. Also, try as much as possible to maintain your existing customers by continuing to give them satisfactory services. It for this reason we don’t over market ourselves, because we don’t want to give unsatisfactory services.

What do you look for in a financial partner?

The way they treat their customers. I want to feel at home when I’m dealing with them. And Chase Bank was able to do that for me. As a business man, I experience a few problems here and there, because problems in business are inevitable. So if they’re able to look into them and see how to assist accordingly, that works for me.

Parting shot to someone starting out in business?

“Anything is possible, whatever you aspire. If you want to go into business, don’t go for a line that you’ve heard other people are in. Identify your passion, what you’ve always wanted to do. It may be hard in the beginning, but even if it is, what you need is perseverance and a lot of personal discipline.”

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