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Chase Debate: Sustaining Youth Entrepreneurship. Are We Doing It Right?

1 Feb , 2016  

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It has often been said, and rightly so, that the youth are the future of any economy. This is because they have the potential to make change on the society due to the opportunities surrounding them and their ability to adapt to them. Take technology for example. Nobody is in a better position to capitalize on the opportunities arising from the digital age than the youth. That’s what formed the basis for our discussion on Chase Debate this past Friday.

Chase Debate, Youth

Unemployment among the youth is very high, and entrepreneurship has been suggested as the possible solution to this. The youth have been urged to take up to entrepreneurship as an alternative to employment and some have heeded to this call.  Entrepreneurship among the youth enhances economic growth that promotes competition and innovation.

It is every parents’ dream is to see their children become successful in whatever they’re doing. And that’s why as a parent you should encourage the young ones to pursue their passions. Find out what your child loves doing and guide them on how they can use that talent in filling a gap in the society. Teach them the value of money, and how they can manage it so that it can work for them. Show them how to turn their passion to profits.

Lately, a lot of campaigns are being done to encourage more youth to venture into entrepreneurship. This is because the field is filled will great opportunities that if well exploited, reward handsomely. Take for example the ‘Top 25 under 25‘ young entrepreneurs that we have featured on #Youthpreneur – and whom we sponsored for Centonomy classes, to learn more about how to manage their businesses.

There is a genuine desire to stimulate economic and job growth through the application of entrepreneurship and innovation. This is one strategy that has been used widely as a way of sustaining young people in the business field. Among other things, we should be fostering growth of entrepreneurial ecosystems. Showing more interest in entrepreneurship and small business development is key to economic growth.

This is where young people should put more efforts as one can only succeed in something that they are interested in, not being forced into doing them. They must have the self-drive that pushes them to achieve more than what they already have at hand. The following are some critical pointers needed to sustain youth entrepreneurship and ensure that we are doing it right;

  • Funding mechanisms that are put in place to make sure that the youth have access to all the resources that they need for their entrepreneurial journey. Youth should have access to starting capital and operating capital for starting and running small businesses. The government has stepped in with the Youth Fund, and financial institutions such as Chase Bank with the IFC Loans.
  • Every entrepreneur needs guidance. This becomes even more important for youth entrepreneurs as they face personal growth and entrepreneurial growth at the same time. Young entrepreneurs needs mentorship not only on how to go about the field of business and how to handle any challenge that comes their way but also how to balance their work and life. What’s the purpose of gaining the whole world and losing your life?
  • Another thing to be considered in sustaining youth entrepreneurship is creating strong relationships. With the right networks, entrepreneurs open doors that can prove to be key in their entrepreneurial journey. Networking is more than attending events and dishing out business cards. It’s like an art. An art that you need to learn from an experienced person. And a mentor can also introduce to people in to his/her circle who can help propel your business.

That is why we have started the #YouthPreneur program. This program will mentor and eventually sponsor five young entrepreneurs to an entrepreneurship course with Centonomy that will be an eye opener to their business. Through all our social media pages, we are airing video interviews with young entrepreneurs who share their experiences in a bid to inspire and encourage other young people and also demystify entrepreneurship.

Thank you for engaging with us, we appreciated each view expressed in that healthy discussion.

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In case you missed the online conversation on Chase Debate, you can check it out here.

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