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Chase Debate: Available and Emerging investment opportunities in Kenya.

28 Aug , 2015  

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Countries, states, companies and individuals invest in businesses to create wealth for the future. In the end, they end up having a bigger value for their money. You wonder how they do that! More often than not, they have a good eye for the gaps that exist in the economy that they can exploit.

Kenya was recently named by the World Bank as one of the fastest growing economies in Africa. This is what informed today’s Chase Debate, which sought to find out the available and emerging investment opportunities in Kenya, accessible to local residents, Diasporans and foreigners. Below are some of the promising sectors;

  1. Food industry: Most of the agricultural produce is often sold raw. This creates an opportunity for processing these produce and attracting a higher value as well as regional and international markets.
  2. The population growth is rising at a high rate, thus creation an opportunity in the real estate industry. The real-estate development could be a good place to put your money because we all need a roof.
  3. Also, in the health sector, the current facilities are not able to accommodate the health needs of the current Kenyan population. If you have money, why not invest in this sector?
  4. Kenya is developing at a high rate. Infrastructure bonds from the government can create more wealth in the future.
  5. Energy usage often increases the cost of production. Coming up with cheaper ways of generating energy can reduce this cost. Eg renewable energy.
  6. ICT is another sector that is becoming vibrant in Kenya. A good eye will see an opportunity here.
  7. The Wholesale and Retail trade also has a great potential.

If you cannot find a viable gap that you can exploit you can always come to us. We offer local Kenyans, Kenyans in the Diaspora & foreigners great opportunities that can earn them good returns if exploited. Some of these are:

  1. Origins Savings plan. – Investing requires risk taking. They say that to earn bigger returns, you need to take big risks. Some people are not big risk takers however. If you are one of them, worry not. With the origins savings plan, you will get to earn upto 12.1% interest with as little as KES 2 000 and borrow up to 90% of your savings.
  2. Securities – Is an investing topic ever complete without mentioning unit trusts, bonds and shares? Probably not. The bourse has made many millions. You can be one too with thanks to our services especially from our sister company, Genghis Capital. What’s more? You can invest in securities straight from your phone.
  3. Asset financing – Investing doesn’t mean starting from scratch. Even entrepreneurs who have established ventures can invest in their business. What better way to do that other than buying assets? Assets can improve your productivity, efficiency and hence profitability. We know this all too well. We’ve got you on that.
  4. Mortgage financing. – For those looking to invest in the exciting real estate sector, the cost might deter you. It shouldn’t. If a real estate investment is what really matters to you the most, we can help you achieve that.
  5. Shariah compliant investments. – For the Muslim community, we also offer Shariah compliant investments opportunities that will help you increase your wealth. The options are certainly not limited.

While investing in Kenya, consider the following: –

  1. Stable political and macroeconomic environment. Do a PESTEL analysis. (Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal.)
  2. Current projects that are being put in place. They can open up even newer opportunities.
  3. Future investment plans by the government.
  4. Private-public partnerships that are been entered into.
  5. Available technology.
  6. Target markets: Are they flooded or have a room? Are they competitive enough? To who are you developing the product? Etc.

Kenya continues to emerge one the leading countries in the region and beyond. Further developments can emerge from filling the gaps that already exist and those that will come as time goes by. Be on the watch and might just be one of the wealthy economy influencers.

Thank you for engaging with us, we appreciate each view expressed today. Have an exciting Furahiday.

For more information, Call: 0730 175 000, 0709 800 000 | Whatsapp: 0773 758 196 | Tweet:@ChaseBankKenya | Email: | Skype: Chasebankkenya

In case you missed the online conversation on Chase Debate, you can check it out here.

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