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Celebrating Women Today, and Every Other Day #IWD2016

8 Mar , 2016  

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Today being International Women’s Day, we join the world in celebrating women. As a bank, we appreciate the value women bring in to our families, our homes, our institutions and our businesses. Through Chase Woman, we seek to empower these women in our lives through financial inclusion, capacity building and creation of opportunities by engaging in strategic partnerships and hosting networking events.

Chase Woman, IWD2016, International Woman's Day, IWD

  • For capacity building, we have hosted (and continue to host) various networking events targeting women entrepreneurs and professionals. We aim to provide women information and assistance on how to manage their finances and access banking services through our Chase Woman Relationship Managers. We share with the women entrepreneurs our funding portfolio options and encouraging them to leverage on them to finance their businesses.

We look forward to engaging with you and enabling you to be the best you can be by supporting you in your endeavors. Continue putting in the work, and adding the woman’s touch to it, because it’s through women that generations after generations are formed, nurtured and transformed.

We hope you enjoyed your cup of coffee from ArtCaffe between 10AM and 11AM? Let us know if you did.

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