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How To #BeElsewhere With Mfukoni.

6 Jul , 2015  

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The banking system in Kenya is ever evolving and online banking solutions are  now emerging and being adopted by both banks and clients. This because of the speed, convenience and security they offer in comparison to the good old physical branches. Gone are the days when we were fazed by the closing time of the bank, the location of your branch, the discomfort of carrying large amounts of money around or the time you’ll spend waiting to be served.

You can now conduct your bank transactions from the comfort of where you are, whether it’s at work, home or on vacation. You can simply #BeElsewhere and still bank. This is what inspired us to develop the convenient online banking service known as ‘Mfukoni Online’ and the award winning Mfukoni Mobile App.


Convenience and accessibility matter. We know that you want to carry on with your business without having to worry about getting cash when you need it. That’s what Mfukoni allows you to do. Mfukoni is convenient since it can be used to check ones account balance and mini-statements as well as transferring funds to other accounts. What’s more? You can send money directly to a person’s phone via M-Pesa. You do not have to visit us anymore if you need to send your beloved mum cash. You can do it from wherever you are.

Sometimes, the bills might be due when you’re away from home, say for vacation or at work and defaulting them  may cause unrest. Mfukoni enables you to pay utility bills such as KRA Tax, Tv or KPLC Prepaid, so that you don’t have to be late with your payments. It also saves you a lot of time that you would have otherwise wasted in queues. Picture yourself in that queue at Times Towers or a banking hall when you need to #BeElsewhere.


With Mfukoni, one is able to bank with us without visiting the branch. You can open an account, deposit money on the account, and manage the account by checking of balances and requesting bank statements. Just got a cheque after you invoiced someone? Just take a picture of it and cash the cheque using your phone. If you want to invest the money, Mfukoni allows you to do so. Perhaps the best part is that you can now access a loan without even visiting us.

Getting your Mfukoni application is an easy and fast process. You may access the Mfukoni App in three different ways:-

It’s time to be the boss of your time. Bank when you want, from where you are, #BeElsewhere.

For more information, Call: 0730 175 000, 0709 800 000 | Whatsapp: 0773 758 196 | Tweet:@ChaseBankKenya | Email:

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