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Are You a Cash or Card Kind of Person?

20 Nov , 2015  

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There’s usually a clash between cash and cards. Everybody has their reasons of taking their side and all have valid reasons. Traditionally, cash used to rule the roost. Lately, however, the use of cards has gained in popularity and many people are using them. There is still a long way to go for cards, but the ground is shifting.

Many people who prefer cash over cards cite the fact that you can produce cash almost everywhere, but that cannot be said of the cards. Cash also comes in handy in time of emergencies. Having cash at hand is always advisable as it helps you deal with emergencies in a swift manner. Petty cash also helps in the day to day small transactions that you might deem too, well, ‘petty’ for your card. It’s a perception thing. Most believe that cards are grand. That you only flash them out when you are doing you monthly shopping or fueling your car on the first week of the month.

The use of cards comes with many benefits chief of which is security. Nobody can mug you when you don’t have cash. Well, technically they can rob you your belonging including your wallet containing the card but you get the point. Your money is safe. Use of cards is also more convenient than cash, especially when dealing with large sums. Cash fans note that it helps them in time of emergencies. This is true, but credit cards are even more helpful in times of emergencies.

Speaking of credit cards, most people shy away from cards since they assume the talk will centre on credit cards. This is very unfair to the credit cards cousins, debit cards. If you are not a debt kinda person, debit cards are for you. That said, credit cards are not that bad. Sometimes, you have to give yourself some credit.

Another benefit of using cards, especially credit cards, is that they come with many discounts at various points of sale. A good credit card usually comes with discounts at selected outlets.

Chase Cards

Imagine getting a 10% discount on food & beverages and accommodation at Hotel Royal Orchid or 20% off on slimming packages, beauty packages, & regular beauty services at VLCC just for using a card? That is the reality with Chase cards. Imagine that.

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