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A Pic To #SaveAMum

10 Mar , 2014  

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On Saturday, 8th March 2014, was International Women’s Day, as an extension of the same, we would like to celebrate women who have made a difference in the society, in their own special way, in whatever capacity the hold. Most of all, we would like to thank mothers. Our mothers. Who bore us, raised us and whom we seek counsel on all things life. From when we were helpless kids, to when we’re grown up. To them, we remain their little children no matter how old we grow. She’ll still call you your “most dreaded” pet name and you’re not left with a choice but to respond like the good “child” you are.

On the same weekend, we were hanging out at the Nairobi Fashion Market. We had a stand where we were spreading the Chase Group Foundation message to #SaveAMum. Besides selling merchandise, we had some fun taking pics with the different people that attended the event. All these lovely faces came to this world through a mother somewhere. A mother somewhere was given a chance to have a safe delivery and raise the handsome men and beautiful women that strolled in at the Nairobi Fashion Market. We felt it would be awesome to let them know of the cause and support it, even through a small gesture of taking a pic to #SaveAMum.

Chase Group Foundation, Nairobi Fashion Market, #SaveAMum

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Sometimes we think and feel that we are so deserving and forget to say thank you. Through our Mum’s we got to see the world as we see it now. No matter what situation we’re in, someone somewhere brought you to life. Let’s give another child a chance to experience the same, and another mother a chance to live to see their child grow. Have you helped #SaveAMum today? Check out the video and share with your friends and family.

We hope to see you at the #SaveAMum Charity Walk and Fun Day on 22nd March 2014 at Ngong Forest Sanctuary from 8:00am. How are gearing up for the 10KM’s walk?

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2 Responses

  1. Susan says:

    i really appreciate the effort and will for sure be there to support this initiative. I look forward to a time when infant and maternal mortality rates will be reduced even past the MDG s target. together we can do more

    could you also update us how the walk we did last year supported the course. have we trained any midwife. This would be a great motivation to all of us who took part last year.

    Thank you

    • Chase Bank says:

      Hi Susan, thank your for your interest in #SaveAMum and we’re glad that you’ll be there to support this initiative.

      Last year, AMREF (Stand Up For African Mothers), managed to train 700 midwives in Kenya out of the 1,500 target. So we’re on track. We intend to have trained 15,000 mid-wives and reduce maternal mortality by 25% come 2015.

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