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A Day with the Mini-Chasers.

17 Dec , 2015  

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A few days ago we hosted our little ones, also best known to us as Chase Springers at our offices in Delta Towers for the very first time. Any Chaser with a child or children between the age of 7 years to 16 years was allowed to bring their little one to work that day. This was so that we could help them demystify the world of work and allow them to start exploring their careers at an early age.

Chase Springers, Organizational Development. Work

Chase Springers hanging out with their hosts of the day; Mumbi Mbocho, Manager, Organization Development (left), Duncan Kabui, Chase Group, MD), Magdalene Mulandi, Head of Brand.

Every day when you tell the springer that you’ve left the house for work, the may not understand what exactly you mean. They might not even understand what you mean when you mention your boss, how much work you have or why you have to spend 10 or more hours in the office rather than at home. And for that reason, they create a mental picture of what work could be or look like. The same way they create a mental picture of where money comes from, trees perhaps?

We then took up this responsibility to show them what ‘going to work’ actually means, and what their parents do when they go to work. For a day they were each others colleagues and they were given roles and responsibilities – as well as water and lunch breaks – they were taken around the office and introduced to various departments to just see the set up of the work place. Then at the end of the day were told to write and send an email to their friend, siblings or parents describing their work day.

It was quite exciting seeing some little people running across the corridors and making some much needed noise as they played during their breaks. It’s definitely something we plan to do every other holiday.

Happy Holidays!

Chase Springers, Organizational Development. Work

Chase Springers, Organizational Development. Work



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