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7 Smart Places to Invest Your Money Now.

10 Mar , 2015  

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Are you looking for where to invest in 2015 and make some decent, sustainable returns? Between a regular salary and sky rocketing expenses, investment is the only savior that most of us have to be able to generate some income that can cushion us against being between a hard place and a rock.

The hardest bit is being able to identify the investment options that are credible and which will have reasonable returns in proportionate to your savings. 2015 promises to be a year that will see fortunes change purely on the basis of how one is prepared or not. They say, success is when opportunity meets a prepared mind.

Hidalgo Research carried out feasibility studies on how viable investments in various sectors would do if one was to venture into them. They found out that the 7 key areas that are currently hot to invest in are:

Investments, Chase Bank Kenya, Invest in Kenya

The SECURITIES EXCHANGE and GOVERNMENT BONDS and BILLS. This takes first place because of the ease of venturing into it and the fact that the risk element is defined and controlled, giving one peace of mind. The NSE has seen some tremendous growth this year so far and though currently trading at NSE 20 share index of 5300, it’s aiming at 6000, this means, there are opportunities for growth and these mean good investments.

Supplies in REAL ESTATE and CONSTRUCTIONS SECTOR. Thanks to the devolved governance structures, the need for houses, offices and infrastructure has created a serious need for supplies to ensure that these facilities are well utilised. Devolution has come with its blessings and upon us to harness them and ensure that we succeed in delivering the mission for a better country. The need for furniture and office supplies, is in great demand. The need for house finishing’s has gone up 1000% in the last year alone, affirming the need for business in the sector.

The need to move goods and labor across various destinations. With increased business and the country angling at a 24 hour economy, secure, stable, reliable and sustainable transportation solutions are in demand. With crazy traffic jams in major cities, the need for COURIER and CAB SERVICES has gone up 350% in the last 6 months alone. With people getting home at midnight due to traffic, this presents a unique business opportunity that creative entrepreneurs can be able to tap into.

The pleasures of mortals when it comes to food. As of today, government has said almost half of the country is facing drought and starvation. That in itself is a serious business opportunity. You may need a doctor, or a lawyer or an engineer once in a while, BUT you will need a farmer three times a day. FOOD PRODUCTION is urgently needed across the country and across the world. Opportunities are many and diverse, because good money lies in dirt. One needs the guts to pick it up, seasonally. Food production like bananas, beans, are key to any diet. Bee keeping, poultry, fish farming is key to a healthy nation.

The need for a secure country. As we strive to be a 24 hour economy in a devolved governance structure, the need for SECURITY SERVICES has increased by at least 769% across the country. There are a limited number of security firms and those available are in need of supplies from Tech to Uniform to Training. These are key opportunities that present unique situations that we must larch on.

Cleaning the business environment. They say cleanliness is next to godliness. With a fast growing real estate sector, the need for sustainable cleaning has been on the increase, not to mention the limited firms that do credible cleaning services. This is an industry whose potential has not been able to take off well. With designer building finishing, PROFESSIONAL CLEANING SERVICES are in high demand. With good financing from banks like Chase Bank, such a venture would be a game changer for the entrepreneur and his/her team.

The need to satisfy the insatiable need for GADGETS, DEVICES, SOFTWARE & SERVICES. Africa is rising and this has been seen in the consumption of electronic goods that has seen the importation of the same triple in the last two years. A survey carried out by a South African firm, shows that the middle class spent almost 30% of their monthly income on electronic goods and gadgets. This is a massive opportunity for entrepreneurs to plug into this and be able to meet the need.

As the year progresses, these seven investment options will become clear on how they are being shaped. What are some other places or investment areas you feel have been left out ? Is your business thriving in 2015? What sector have you invested in? Share with us.

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