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Is Your 20 Years Made up of Vision? #ChaseAt20

16 Feb , 2016  

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The ultimate goal of every architect it to create a paradise; and indeed it was the vision of our founders to support your success in our own special way and through the meaningful relationships that we build. Chase Bank’s vision is “to be the Pan African relationship Bank.” And that’s why the every element of management and decisions made within the walls of the bank are for the betterment of our customers; to sail them to their dreams and make great things happen.

So here’s to the buck-Chasers. Those with big ambitions and long strides. This is for those with short pockets, seeking to make them deeper. This is for the dreamers who never sleep. We’re in this together. As the relationship bank, we understand the meaning of togetherness, we live it. Your vision is our vision.

ChaseAt20, Vision

While we reflect on the last 20 years, we should also take a moment to look further into the future. There are great things happening there already. The SME’S have grown into big businesses uplifting the Kenyan economy and improving the community, which is led by the strong, resilient women and men of our country; and the youth move it forward towards the innovative diversity that enriches lives and fosters mutually beneficial relationships. The future belongs to us all, but we must earn it; we must deserve it.

You have places to go, we know the routes. You have dreams to accomplish, we know where to direct your hearts and minds. You have innovative technology to create, we know where the enabling environments are.

This is to the visionaries, the people who see life past the temporal veil of the current generation. This is for the people who build the future, today. This is for the Chasers. Thank you for a fantastic 20 years #ChaseAt20

If you were to look into your life 20 years ago or 20 years from now, what principle would your 20 year be made up of? Share with us in the form below and your story could be featured in the next guest post. Throughout this year we aim to share inspiring stories from our staff, clients, suppliers or friends of Chase Bank.

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What principle is your 20 Years is made of?

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